Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Tool, Machines and Year

Vise Grip came out with a new multi-purpose pliers. They added a knife and a screwdriver to one of the small curved jaw pliers with the wire cutters. I bought them with the intention of using them at the college. I'll be teaching MIG and stick welding this semester and most of the tools you normally need for maintenance and repair during class time are all right here. I always carry a pocket knife anyway but we'll see how these work. If I don't like them I'll throw them in the emergency kit I keep in my car.

The six new lathes came in the other day in the lab. I'm going in one day next week to get things ready for classes, so I'll swing in there and check them out. I think there's supposed to be a couple of surface grinders still to show up but other than that, that should be about all the equipment for the machine shop area.

Since it's gotten cold, I'm trying to pick up where I left off on a couple little metalworking projects on my bench down the basement. Instead of sitting on my ass in the recliner all night, I've been heading down to the basement to do a bit of tinkering every evening. Since I didn't do anything with those projects last year, it took me a bit to get organized and started again but I hope to have one of them done by Spring, plus I've got the airplane models my sister-in-law gave me to toy with if I run out of things to do - like that'll ever happen. 

The brake caliper for the 900 project came in but I didn't realize I had to order the pads separately. I need to get those but I can start working on the bracket in the meantime. Additionally, I need to get some fittings as well, so I'll get those ordered at the same time. 

Getting 2016 off to a good start - went to the gym and did a bit of maintenance work there. I'm working on the platform for the bandsaw so I can use it in the vertical position. I'm at the point I really need that for making parts for the projects so that's job one right now. I have no specific goals for the year other than finishing up at least a couple of the larger projects and as many of the little ones that I can squeeze in comfortably. I still need to finish a few things to have my "affairs in order" - medical directive and a few of those types of things. I made quite a bit of progress on that last year but need to see an attorney and get the rest of it taken care of. Hopefully I won't need it for at least another 20 years, but the way I let things go, probably best if I make that a bit of a priority.

Let's hope 2016 brings peace and prosperity to all of us. Just remember though, if the SHTF, don't get on the bus. Keep On Rockin'!

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