Monday, January 18, 2016


This scholarship offer was in the latest AWS weekly e-mail:

Jackson Safety* proudly supports welding instructors who passionately build skills in, and instill the importance of safety in welding students entering the workforce. Welding instructors are in the unique position to influence the long-term safety values of their students. This grant rewards exceptional instructors who make a difference in the safety behaviors of welders training under them. 
These funds are for an employed welding instructor who wants to further his/her education.  The applicant must be employed at a school that has at least 50 students certified annually through their welding program in the US or Canada.  The school must be a trade/technical school or college, and may be public or private. 
The award is $2,500 and may be used for professional development courses such as AWS Certification or AWS online course; or for pursuit of an AAS or BS degree in Education related to welding instruction.

It might be a stretch to call me an exceptional instructor but we certify 50 people a year at the college, so I guess I would qualify for the scholarship. I'm not really interested in getting another degree, though.

I did see the commercial for the Live Mas scholarships while watching one of the bowl games. This one is for young adults, so I wouldn't qualify here, but I think the idea is just fabulous. As mentioned in the commercial, scholarships are usually given only for academics or athletics. This leaves out a huge swath of people - the kind of people who take shop & art classes, for example. The type of young people I've been rubbing elbows with my entire teaching career. The website says they're looking to give away a million bucks to help these creative youngsters. If you read my blog with any regularity, I'm sure you are or know someone who could benefit from this. Spread the word and thank Taco Bell.

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