Thursday, January 7, 2016

Paper Work

I got the VIN check done on the bike I need titled and the officer, without coming out and saying so, didn't think a court order should be necessary. I checked with the State Police and they gave me the same impression. The lady at the county clerk's office said if I needed to get a court order it would be best to contact an attorney. I checked with an attorney and she's done that before but gave me a suggestion of something to try. She said if that doesn't work, then she can do the court order thing. So I'm making a little progress there. I'm lucky that I've got the time to run around chasing after all this stuff. The average Joe would have a miserable time if he worked the day shift.

The attorney got started on the will, power of attorney and medical directive. Pretty simple, relatively inexpensive, so no reason to have put it off this long, other than the fact that's just how I roll. Fortunately, none of it has been necessary but I've probably used up at least five or six of my nine lives. Can't always be lucky. She said the paperwork will be done in about a week. I'll have one of my big goals for 2016 knocked out before the first month is over. Feel pretty good about that. For the rest of you slugs out there, I'd strongly suggest you make this a priority for the year as well, says Mr. Smug.

I wasn't going to renew my boxing license this year but with Jimmy's accident, figured I better - can't work a corner without a license. In order to renew, however, you now need to take the SafeSport training. That takes about two hours to wade through the enrollment procedure, watch the videos, take the quizzes, and print out the completion certificate. So now I can recognize the signs of abuse and I know how pedophiles use the grooming process on their victims. Having been a school teacher for 36 years, not much in the videos I wasn't already aware of. At least the videos were done well - wasn't too painful sitting through them.

My replacement at the high school found the saw table/platform for my bandsaw. He got a new saw for the shop but fortunately hadn't thrown out the table yet. I picked that up after the attorney visit, put a new blade on the saw and I'm ready to do some cutting. Since I put the saw on wheels I need to get a longer piece of tubing or splice a piece onto the support leg that's used when the saw is in the vertical position. One of these days I'll be able to quit getting ready to work and actually be able to do just that. Things are at least getting off to a promising start this year.

I like that.

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