Thursday, January 14, 2016

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Man, it's been chilly the last couple of nights - like single digits, close to zero chilly. Since it's been so cold, hasn't been much happening out in the shop. I've been getting a few things done however - a bit more paperwork, peddled off one of my motorcycles, a little productive time in the basement workshop.

I did get a couple of little welding jobs done:

A bit of TIG on Surly's wrench for his Honda. Just had to weld the little piece on the end to double the thickness for the hex.

Extension on the leg for my bandsaw. An extra 4" to compensate for the extra height after putting the saw on wheels. So the bandsaw is officially operational now.

School's back in session. Now that most of the equipment is in place in the lab, I'm going to try and take a little more active role with the machine shop stuff. The instructor is looking to get an assistant but until that happens, I'll be happy to play that role. I don't have much to do as a tech any longer since they hired the other guy full time. Should be able to learn a few things, have access to the equipment and still be able to keep the floor swept. At least until I quit. I've been giving that some more thought of late. Especially when I have to go out and scrape the windows on the truck when it's 10 degrees, it's snowing and the roads are slick - like yesterday. In the meantime, maybe take advantage of the warm-up forecast for the next couple of days and try and get something done before the bottom drops back out on Sunday.

Nota bene:  520 Chain Cafe posted a calender of events and links for those of us in Indiana interested in motorcycles, etc. It was dated 1/3/16, so you'll have to scroll back through a bit. But not a bad thing - you'll see how he's progressing on his 650 Enduro project.

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