Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Drill Press & Pressing Business

I bought a drill press from my sister-in-law. She's still getting rid of a few things that belonged to her late husband. I was originally planning on getting a small radial arm drill for the woodshop but this one came along at the right price so I snagged it. In addition to the drill and box of bits, there was some TIG filler rod and short pieces of stock she threw in. Surly gave me a hand picking it up Sunday. He also helped me get my English wheel moved into the shop. In the old days I would have moved both of those items by myself. I'd have paid for it with a sore back for a week but I'm getting a little bit smarter in my old age.

I got the wheel and the planishing hammer bolted down to the table next to the sheet metal brake yesterday. I bought wing nuts for the bolts, so I can bolt/unbolt them quickly and then slide the tools to the back of the table when they're not being used.

While we were moving things around on Sunday, Surly spotted this tree branch that had blown down and was rubbing against the roof of the shop. Fortunately, it didn't hurt the sheet metal any. I cut most of it up so it wouldn't rub against the roof and I could safely walk along the edge of the building without worrying about getting skulled by a big oak limb.

In addition to the lumber jacking and millwright work, I made a trip to the BMV yesterday. I got another title for one of the project bikes transferred over to my name and got the low down on getting a title for another one taken care of. One of the bikes has never been titled. Apparently they now have a new system in place that requires a court order to get a title, along with a few other hoops you have to jump through. I'll make a trip to the court house and see what the procedure is to get an officer out to the house for the VIN check and to get on the docket to see the judge. Never had any occasion to see a judge before. Hope it goes smoothly. Looks like it's the price I'll have to pay in order to get my affairs in order.

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