Sunday, January 31, 2016

Oh Poop!

Now this is enough to piss off the Pope:

The clamping screw on my little tool maker's vise broke the other day. If you look closely at the photo you can see that first, it was extremely brittle judging by the grain structure, and second, that it broke in two places at the same time. Not what I expected. I use a little lathe wrench on it that's only about 4" long and just hand tighten it - no slapping it with the lead hammer or anything. At least it broke on the last set-up for my top secret basement job I've been working on.

It was made by the Skinner Chuck Co. I did a quickie search and came up with some info on the company but they're long gone, so I'll have to come up with the fix on my own. It's 2-1/2" wide so it's just right for holding small parts by popping it into the big vise on the Bridgeport or to use on the small drill press in the basement. It has been repaired once before. There's some brazing on it that I don't remember doing but that doesn't mean I didn't do it. If I did it prior to falling on my head, it might come back to me one of these days - not that it matters. As Roseanne Rosannadanna used to say: "It's always something".

I did get the brake hanger for the 900 finished. I'm drilling the bolts for the caliper so I can safety wire them instead of using the little clips that have the ears that get bent up to keep them from backing out. If I'm going with the Superbike replica look, gotta have some safety wire I can stick into my fingers.

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