Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bug Stuff

I got the couple of spots on the VW I was working on smoothed out. As long as you don't look too close it's OK. I'm planning on finishing up the floor pan on the passenger side next. I drug my big MIG welder out the other night to see about getting it fired up and running. Its been a long time since I've used it. I put the small wire from my 110V MIG on it to see how or if it's going to weld. I pulled the trigger to feed the wire through and it sounded a bit hinkey, like maybe the contactor wasn't snapping in all the way. I'm going to try and do a little welding sometime over the weekend. If it's a no-go, I'll use my little MIG to get the pan and seat mount finished up, then see what's what with the big welder.

I went through some of the parts boxes to see where I'm at on things. I'm going to need a few things yet but I've got plenty of stuff to get started with. I need to design a dash for it. The Super Beetles had a funky dash in them unlike the regular Beetles with the all metal dashboards.

I posted this one a few years back (but no link). Gorgeous metal work right there. The Super Beetle has most everything in the speedometer - all the idiot lights, high beam and turn signal indicators - so just one big gauge in the center. I'm planning on rewiring it racecar style with a push button starter and a couple of other switches for the lights and horn. I should probably make provisions for a radio someplace. Maybe hanging down below like the box in the photo. I'll keep thinking about a design while I'm working on the floor pans. I've got an idea in my mind but I'm not sure how to build it. I need to drag out my Ron Fournier books and get a little inspiration.

Photo From Here NSFW
Or find myself an Italian panel beater to show me the ropes. Them Eye-Ties had it going on.

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