Thursday, May 19, 2016

Job For The Day

I came across the plate in the bottom photo a few months back. It's 3/4" x 23" x 25", Blanchard ground and drilled and tapped in a nice rectangular grid. I finally got around to making a stand for it - I cut all the pieces on Tuesday, welded it up and painted it Wednesday. It'll be a nice surface plate for welding things together or for checking flatness of things such as clutch plates or a cylinder head. I can slide the milling machine vise on to it when I'm not using it also. I'm getting too old to be humping that heavy stuff around anymore. In fact, since the plate weighs about 120 lbs, I might just wait until someone with a little muscle shows up to give me a hand putting the plate on top of the stand.

I picked up some concrete blocks to secure the chicken pen yesterday. A student of mine is getting married in a couple of weeks and he's got four chickens he's looking to get rid of. I'm going to plant the blocks around the perimeter of the pen and hopefully that'll keep the fox, or whatever it was that got the last batch, from digging under the wire. I haven't had too much luck with the last couple of batches.  

I also swapped out the air dryer that was in the line for the sandblaster yesterday. Surly was down a while back and he was getting some moisture coming through the line in spite of the inline dryer I had in there. I don't know if he tried to bleed it down but the one I put on yesterday automatically drains itself when you release the air pressure. Have to see how this one works - only $7.00. Can't expect too much but I would like to finally have all the tools functional one of these days. I still want to buy a couple more things for doing sheet metal work before I quit working - shouldn't need too much more in the way of equipment. Only thing holding me back after that will be time and talent.

Off to work.

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