Saturday, May 7, 2016

School's Out

Here's the last turning exercise from the CNC class. Unfortunately, just about the time I got comfortable with the machines, time was up. However, I've got some cool trinkets to show for my time in the class, plus the exhaust collars. I passed both of my NIMS certification tests, met some nice people in the class and just generally enjoyed my self. Not sure where I'm going with any of this in the future but I wouldn't mind taking one of the programming classes. Again, not sure why since I don't have a machine, and if I did, I should probably take a CAD class so I could draw up my own parts. I've got my schedule for the Fall semester already. Might peruse the catalog and see what would dovetail nicely with my schedule. Or maybe just concentrate my energies elsewhere. Lord knows I've got plenty of things to do.

I'm now officially on vacation, so it's back to work on the projects around the shack and in the shop. I've got a list started but not too concerned about any of it. I'm just planning on getting a little something done every day, then get out and see a few things, do a little photography work, ride the two wheelers - basically just doing whatever the hell I feel like. I think that's what retired guys are supposed to do. 

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