Thursday, May 26, 2016

Business as Usual

I've been pretty busy of late but not so busy I didn't have time to stop and smell the flowers, or at least pause long enough to admire their beauty, since iris aren't fragrant. The roses, on the other hand, certainly are.

Cuzzin Ricky and I went to Indy for qualifications last weekend. It's amazing to see a car go by at about 230 mph. Looks to be a fast race as long as the weather cooperates. Looking like rain on the horizon for Sunday, that'd be a shame for the 100th running of the Greatest Spectacle in Auto Racing.

Had to go to the dentist for a broken tooth. The fix was easy but the tooth next to it needs some more work so I'll be going back soon. Always something. While I was up that way I went by Harbor Freight and picked up some blades for my chop saw and a new sanding pad, then went to the welding supply and got a bottle of argon. From there it was off to the cemeteries and the Dead Relatives Tour. Usually Rick and I do it together but since I was going to be up that way, figured I could handle it solo. Since it was about 90 degrees when I got home yesterday, I got the covers off the AC units and got those up and running. All that pretty much shot the whole day in the ass. 

I've about got these two spots finished on the VW. Seems odd to have holes rusted through the body up high like this. The spot on the side was caused by water coming in from the vent. The spot up higher must have been caused by a leak around the rear window but maybe it's from the vent also. I've got everything welded up behind the bondo but I need to do a little further checking to make sure it's not going to happen again. I'm not much of a bodyman but I've got a friend of mine that I used to work with who taught the trade. He's also retired now. When and if it looks like I might be getting close to paint, I'll have him come down and give it a going over. My reason for jumping onto this project was to see if I could find all of my tools and get them all tuned up and dialed in so they'd be ready whenever I want to use them. Actually, the body work will be just about completed after I finish this up. I've got a spot on the drivers side right behind the door that needs a patch but that'll be about it for the exterior. I've still got a ways to go on the floor pans but that'll come, along with all the mechanical work that still remains.

I drug home a few chickens the other day. I had to do some more work on the pen first. A fox or something dug under the fence and got the last batch even though I had the wire buried in the dirt a few inches deep. Now I've got concrete blocks buried along the outside of the fence. I'm hoping that'll keep the varmints out and the chickens safe. I've got corrugated sheet metal around the bottom of the fence that comes up not quite 2' high. I'm thinking about adding one more sheet higher around the perimeter for some added insurance. I've got them inside the coop for the time being. Burying those blocks pointed out to me that I should start getting some more exercise as well. I was doing a bit of huffing and puffing out there.

I've still got a bit of vacation time remaining. There's a few other things I want to get done before I start summer classes at the college but pretty happy with how things have been going as of late. As always, steady by jerks.

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