Saturday, July 16, 2016

Checkin' In

Made the end pieces for the golf cart dash. So far so good. I'll get the rest of the pieces cut out and see if it'll go together like it should.

The quarter panel for the VW is fit up and ready to weld in. It came with a flap on the top part that extended into the wheel well but that's one of the few places where the car is still pretty sound so I lopped it off. Where it needed some help was down below that in front of the torsion bar. There was a big hole there but no help from the new piece. I managed to get most of it taken care of, however. I've still got one little patch to form up that was just a bit too complicated to try and make in one piece. The hard part is done anyway. 

Joe over at 520 Chain Cafe is starting a new bike project. While you're there, scroll down until you see his XS650 project he's finishing up. Looks good.

Have a good weekend. Weather's nice again here.

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