Friday, July 1, 2016

Things To Do

I went out to breakfast with Cuzzin Ricky and TVI the other morning. TVI asked me if I could make a new dashboard like this one for his golf cart. Nothing too tricky here, nor is he in a hurry for it. I can probably knock most of this one out on company time. It's pretty slow in the lab this summer.

Later that same day Surly came down to blast a part for his Sportster and to test drive his new beater pickup truck. He brought the outer piece for an air cleaner along with the measurements of what a good one would be. The idea is to mock something up so we can try it out on the BSA to check for a clearance issue. I was hoping to be working on the BSA this summer but it looks like he wants to finish his Sportster before we dive into the BSA. That's cool. No shortage of things to do.

Like this job. The lab tech in the Weld Shop at the college built a pipe beveling machine out of bits and pieces of junk that's been tossed out of the lab I work in. He needed a pulley for a small flat belt and came up with a plan to use these things. I drilled, reamed and turned the OD for him. He still needs a little more machine work from me but the machine will bevel pipe. Still hard to beat good old American ingenuity.

Looks like we're going to have some good weather for the holiday around here. Have fun, be safe. 

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