Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I started turning some wrenches on the VW project. I'm not all that crazy about doing all the mechanical things this beastie is going to require but no turning back now. I had bought some brake parts a long time back, so I figured that would be as good a place as any to start. I needed a couple more hard lines and a new master cylinder to start with. I ordered a master cylinder from the old guys uptown but they didn't have the brake lines. I went to one of the new parts stores and they had one that was the right length but the other one that was closest to the size I need was 5" too long. I had measured the lengths of the old ones by following along the bends with a string and then measuring the length of the string so all the counterman had to do was get me something close. The dude was clueless to the fact that 12" is real close to the 11-1/4" I needed. He came out with one about 6" at first. The second place I checked had the same lengths and the guy there acted like he was kind of insulted that I didn't want a brake line that was 5" longer than what I needed. I understand the realities of merchandising - can't stock everything, especially for the oddball stuff I usually work on - but I'd be willing to bet someone makes brake lines in between the lengths of 12" and 20" even if you don't carry it, Sport. If it was for an American car I'd just whack off the extra length and re-flare it but I don't have any way of putting the Metric style bulb flare on it so I'll throw a pigtail on it and use it.

 I pulled the backing plate off, blasted and painted it. While everything is off the car I'll patch the rust hole, get everything back together and then tackle the other side. I called Mid-America Motorworks to see about rear fenders. Cuzzin Ricky and I are going to be heading south for some sprint car action in a few weeks and the thinking was, we'd stop by Mid-America on the way home and pick up the fenders and a few other items. The good news is that the fenders I want to use from an earlier Beetle should bolt up to my Super. The bad news is they're out of stock,back ordered and she's not sure when they'll be coming in. Shoots that plan square in the ass. It's not like I don't have other things to do in the mean time, however. I'll keep chuggin' away on the mechanical side until I formulate a new plan with the fenders.

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