Monday, June 6, 2016

Floor Pan

Picture of the completed floor pan on the VW taken right after I shot some primer on the new metal and the weld seams. I put a coat of gloss black on everything later on. Looks about as good as a Super Beetle floor ever does. The new contact tips for the Mig welder showed up on Friday. I bought what will probably be a lifetime supply of both .023" and .035" tips and a jar of nozzle gel. Fifty tips, nozzle gel and shipping for $43.00 from Welding Direct. No complaints with that.

I'm going to start on the driver's side floor next. The original floor is still in the car, plus there's a layer of sheet metal on top of it that's been riveted in. I'll drill out the rivets and get the top layer off at least. I've got a bunch of other things I need to get done around here this summer. I can't spend all my free time working on the VW. Finishing up the passenger side floor was a major milestone, however. I took a look back at the VW posts on the blog and the last time I had worked on the floor pan was just before I had the heart attack - about four years ago. Guess it was about time to finish it up. Hopefully I can get the driver's side knocked out in a little more timely fashion. 

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