Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Tee Shirt

New tee shirt - gift from my buddy Jimmy. Good advice there. You always need to be careful when you take the lid off the can of whoop-ass. 

Long time back I lived in an apartment in town. Across the street was another old house that had been converted into two apartment units, one up, one down. Downstairs was an old guy - retired Green Beret. Upstairs a couple of young guys - big strapping guys who enjoyed drinking and making noise. The two young guys come home late one night about half in the bag and are making a lot of noise. The old guy hollers up stairs and asks them to quiet down. He receives a less than polite response. Things escalate, the young guys come down and meet the old guy out in front of the house. About a minute later, it's all over with the old guy on top. Instead of taking their lumps and pondering the lesson they received, they file charges against the old guy. They go to court and the judge looks at the two big, young guys, then the small old guy and then says to the young guys words to the effect: "Let me see if I've got this straight. You two big strapping guys challenge this old man who just happens to be a war hero to a fight, get your asses handed to you, and then you have the nerve to show up in my court crying about it. Get out of here before I decide to throw both of you in jail for assault. By the way, you get to pay the court costs." 

Thanks for the shirt, Jimmy


Surly said...

I just bought myself an Archie Moore T-shirt. It's true about apples and where they fall, I suppose.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

You can't got wrong with the Mongoose. He fought the best and beat most of them in several different weight classes. Fought competitively until he was in his fifties - no-one seemed to know how old he really was. He also had a bit of a movie career.

Wear that shirt with pride.