Thursday, June 2, 2016


I went by the college Tuesday to get my syllabus squared away and to talk to my boss a bit about the upcoming class I'll be teaching. I'll be teaching pipe welding this summer. This will be the first time I've taught the class at the college but I taught pipefitter apprentices years ago, plus I've done a bit of pipe welding out on the job way back when as well. It's a small class and I've had most of them as students already. Should be a breeze. Plus, the boss says we've got a new pipe beveler coming in soon. Better still.

I went to the welding supply after leaving the college. No luck on the contact tips for the MIG welder. They don't stock the .023" and they were out of the .035". I did pick up a couple spare gas cups and insulators, however. I ordered some tips off the internet. I've never done business with this outfit before. Keeping my fingers crossed that the tips get here in a timely fashion.

Since I'm out of commission with the MIG, I cut the seat bracket off the old mount and tack welded it on to the mount with the TIG. I also welded up some of the trim holes on the driver's side while I had the welder running and then stared at the dash for a bit seeking inspiration. Nothing really jumped out at me. I want to put a right angle bend in the dash but I want a 1/2" - 3/4" radius on the bend. I need to figure out a way to bend that and to put some shape into the dash face so it doesn't just look like a flat piece of sheet metal. I could put a couple of beads in it or maybe sink a recess in where the switches go and then mount the gauges in an aluminum plate. Maybe engine turn the plate. I'm still thinking but at least I should have the welding machine situation taken care of in a few days.

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