Friday, June 10, 2016

Dashboard & Floorboard

I've been working on the dash layout for the VW. I ordered a couple of switches and a book on wiring from Speedway Motors. Even though the VW wiring will be pretty simple, I figured the book wouldn't hurt, plus I've got my hot rod project down the road that will be a complete rewire as well. What you see in the photo is pretty close to everything that needs to be wired - ignition switch, starter button, headlights, wipers and horn. The indicator lights and fuel level are in the speedo. I've got an after market turn signal flasher mounted on the steering column already. I'm still a long way off before I start connecting wires but I'm concentrating on getting everything I'm going to need in house so it will be here when I'm ready. Which means I need to get a piece of metal to make the dash. Onlinemetals has a piece about the right size of .050" aluminum 5052 alloy for $27.00. I'll get the credit card paid off for this month and then get a piece ordered.

If you look closely at the left side of the door frame, you can see a patch of green paint. It's been scuffed when I was sanding so it's not glossy but it's a nice looking green. Pretty similar to the Riviera color. I checked the stock Super Beetle colors and there was a solid dark green available but no light green metallic that I could find for a '74. I had to head north the other day and I was checking the colors of cars and trucks in the car lots and on the road. I didn't see but a couple of green vehicles. Now days it's primarily black, white and silver with the occasional red, blue and gray ones thrown in. The only problem is that real nice paint deserves better body work than I was planning on doing. We'll see.

I got the rivets drilled out and the sheet metal removed from on top of the driver's side floor pan. I've got a bit of cleaning up around the edges where it's covered with tar, fiberglass, etc. When I get it cleaned up I'll be able to locate the factory spot welds to get those drilled/ground out. It's supposed to get hot today, however. Might be a good time to tackle something inside the shack.

When Cuzzin Ricky and I were at the Silver Crown races at Terre Haute earlier this year, we saw this old dog. Pretty rough shape and craftsmanship - lots of "cobby" stick welds on the frame. However, it was entered in the Sprint car race at Kokomo last weekend -  started from the back and ran a few laps until it was about to get passed by the leaders and then pulled off the track to get out of everyone's way. Be a fun way to get out on a race track and turn some laps. I'd like to try my hand in a midget or sprint car sometime. They look like a total gas to drive - that is until they get upside down. I can live without that. Cuzzin Ricky called the other day and after perusing the schedule, he's thinking of putting together a "two-fer" during Sprint Car Week next month. Even if I can't get in one, they sure are fun to watch.


Traveling Pirate said...

A year or two ago, I started to keep my eye on new cars because I thought I'd probably be in the market soon. I was shocked to find that we're back to the Henry Ford days where you could get a car in any color as long as it was black (or white or a shade of gray). I like fun, zippy colors and there's not much out there. I guess I'll keep chugging along in what I've got.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I looked at a couple of small cars and it was black, white or silver. I bought the Veloster in silver only because they didn't have an orange or a red one on the lot and I needed to get out from under the Ford. That transmission was driving me crazy. But the Veloster is not just any silver, it's Ironman Silver!