Tuesday, June 21, 2016

News From the Home Front

Photo From Here
I think that's the color that at least some of mine was at one time. That's a '72 Super in the photo. Not bad looking. Not exactly the same as the Riv but I could live with that.

It's been pretty hot around here of late - slowed my progress down a bit. Once the weather hits 90, the old boy needs to throttle back a notch or two. Of course, it's not near as bad as those poor bastards out west are having it. 120 degrees! No way I'd live out there, dry heat or not. When Jimmy fought in Oklahoma a few years ago it had been over 100 degrees for something like 30 days in a row. It was like an oven. Even though you were sweating, you never got wet because it evaporated just as fast as you pumped it out. Just about impossible to get anything done, even working nights.

I did get most of the driver's side floor welded up. I still have to weld in the seat mount and a little bit on the bottom of the rocker panel. I'll get that finished up this week. I'm now working on a couple of brackets to mount the rearview mirror. I bought one of the long ones with 5 or 6 panels that runs the full length of the car over the dash - like the local stock car boys used to run.

I dusted off the 900 and diddled with it a bit. I need to get the seat mounted up. I stared at it long enough that I think I've got it figured out. The stock mounts have been cut off the frame and I don't have the mating parts that bolt to the seat bottom either. With a little bit of luck, might have that taken care of this week also.


Surly said...

I like the solid colors on the early VW's.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I like the Fjord Blue and I've also seen a Toyota of some sort that is a nice looking gray. It's sort of a shiny version of the gray primer I've been using. I like the red one in the post as well but if I'm going that route I'll have to get some professional help on the body work. There's a guy down my way I see every once in a while with a 49? Chevy. Sweet looking car but the nice shiny paint is pretty wavy looking down the side. I'm looking at this as a practice vehicle to get my operation in order and to try a few things out for a later project. I don't want to go too deep but I don't want it to look half-assed either. Regardless, it'll be a while before I'm ready for paint.