Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Races and Rivieras

Photo From Here

Cuzzin Ricky and I went to the races at Kokomo Sunday evening. The feature was the last night of USAC Midget Week here in Indiana. In addition to the midgets, they also had sprint cars and street stocks. As an open wheel fan, I'm not too interested in the street stocks but it's a cheap way for the average guy to go racing and that's always a good thing. That made three racing events in three weeks for Rick and I. This retirement thing's not bad when done properly! We're making plans to hit at least one of the races during Sprint Week in July. 

What has all this got to do with the photo above of the '63 Riviera, you ask? We went by one sitting in a car lot on the way to the races. It looked to be in good shape and was that real pretty mint green they came in. I damn sure don't need any more rolling stock but I'd still like to have one. I've been pondering what to paint the VW. It was a similar mint green at one time as well as a gold color. The only thing that has any color to the car now are the seats and belts. They're black so any exterior color would work. I don't recall seeing many mint green VWs. I'll have to look into the factory colors that were available for the Super Beetles. Of course, since it's not a resto, I can paint any color I like - and I like the color on the '63 Riv.

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