Saturday, July 9, 2016

Cool Stuff

I should have dug a little deeper into the site where I found the photo in the last post. While the site is mostly VW stuff, apparently they've got a soft spot for the old and unusual trucks/vans/buses as well. 

Photos From Here

However, here's something that may help with the BSA project. SR500 Yamaha with custom sidecovers that look very much Italian in design, meaning they might fit right in with the European style tank on the BSA. Don't know when we'll get around to that project but there's isn't too much to do once we get the sidecovers and the air cleaners sorted. Send the tin out to get painted and sort out the mechanicals. As far as I know, most of the problems will be the typical things associated  with having sat around too long without running.

Not much new to report otherwise. Spent most of the day yesterday just doing chores - bank, feed store, library, cleaning gutters, crushing cans - all the usual stuff that when the day is done and you look back, you got a lot done but there's very little visible evidence of it. Could be worse though - just watch the news.

And if you think now might be the time to start laying in provisions, how 'bout some water? 50 year shelf life, which is probably going to be at least thirty more than I'm going to have. $30.00 for a case seems a little stiff for water but about the same price or cheaper even than a drink out of a vending machine. It'll look like a helluva bargain if the grid goes down and the faucet runs dry. Besides, you'll need something to re-hydrate all those emergency rations.

Have a good weekend. Looks like beautiful weather around here. 

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