Friday, July 22, 2016

Lull in the Action

Photo From Here

I haven't gotten anything done on the projects this week since I came home from the races. Worked a couple of days, got caught up on most of the mail and pulled some weeds in the garden. Now it's hotter than a firecracker around here. The weather man is forecasting a heat index well over 100 for today. Hope to get some miles in on the bike to train for the upcoming race but that'll be about it for outside or shop activities until it cools down a bit, I'm afraid. Might be time to mix up some fresh chemicals and see if I remember how to find my way around in the darkroom. I haven't shot any black and white film in a couple of years now. Maybe shoot a couple of shots of the VW or the bikes with the big camera or twins lens just for kicks. 

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