Thursday, December 6, 2012


I saw both of these at Motart. Always some nice photographs there. Sidecars and landspeed racers are what get my old heart pumping. I started thinking Bonneville again after talking to one of the guys at work. Never good when old racers get together and start talking squishband. 

That got me thinking about next year's vacation schedule. I haven't really been anywhere the last couple of summers. I'd like to go back to Mid-Ohio for Vintage days, I really need to get over to Peoria for the TT race and I'd like to check out the motorcycle hillclimb if they're still running one east of here. Of course, Bonneville is still on the bucket list, but if I can't make that this coming year, maybe an event of the East Coast Timing Association. They're running races in Ohio now, I believe. And if I'm going to Ohio, might want to consider Wauseon for the antique bikes. Ohio, being right next door to Pennsylvania, is on the way to the Checkered Flag Jalopy Showdown and I'd like to do the Hall of Fame tour out east - boxing, baseball, football, rock and roll. All that and never even cross the Mississippi, unless I can swing Bonneville. I've still got four more states to see before I get all fifty and I'll have to go west to get those in. Bonneville's within spittin' distance of Nevada. And if you're in Nevada, might just as well hit California. The Missus would like to spend a couple of nights aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach and I'd get a chance to see the giant redwoods. That would leave only Alaska and Hawaii left on the list to make fifty. I still need to leave time in there for a trip to Italy. And the National Motorcycle Museum in Iowa. Maybe hit that on the way to Bonneville and the Sprint Car Hall of Fame on the way back.

Obviously I'm never going to make all of those spots but dreaming of travel for me is almost as good as going. If I wouldn't have taken the college job, I'd have the time to travel to all of those places but without the job I'd be sittin' home twiddlin' my thumbs, anyway. I've got all winter to make plans. Maybe one trip east and one trip west. And if I'm real lucky, Europe. In the meantime, I'll keep plugging away on the clean up and the projects. 

PS. I added a couple of education links to the sidebar. They're not really shop teacher blogs but good if you're interested in education at all. And we all should be.

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