Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Phone Calls

First, let me say that Frazz is my favorite cartoon and one of the things I miss most about no longer getting the Chicago Tribune. Frazz works in a school, he runs, cycles, and has a most interesting viewpoint on life. You can learn a lot from the funny papers. Second, I wonder how much productive time is lost every year by all the dumb asses making unsolicited phone calls. We've gotten several calls recently at the shack from some outfit trying to sell us new windows. The Missus has us on the "do not call list" and she already called the AG about these knuckleheads. Third, I've received a few calls lately on my cell that I have no idea who they were from or what they wanted. There are only about six people I've given my number to, so usually it's somewhat important if it rings. When I get to be king every phone will have a self destruct device embedded in it that can be triggered from the other end of the line. You call me with some nonsense, boom, time for a new phone and you'll be standing there smoking with your hair looking like Don King and your face all covered in powder residue - just like in the cartoons.

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