Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Photo's & Finals

Photo From Here
Cool shot - I need to get into the darkroom one of these days. And I need to get out and shoot some film. Maybe take the train and do another day in the City. Something to get the creative juices flowing a little and to just have some fun. Some street photography with the little rangefinder would be fun. Maybe a day out with the 4x5 just to slow things down a bit. Or better yet, a day of each.

I did get out and see some cool rock and roll photos over the weekend at the Center for the Visual and Performing Arts. There were about 80 photographs total, most of those in Black and White, always my first choice. About half the photos were of female performers - great shots of Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, and other lesser known but still important artists. Most of the shots were taken in the 80's in Ohio. And if it's the 80's, then a picture or two of Devo in the yellow jumpsuits is de rigueur. No plastic flower pots on their heads, though. Nice display and no admission charge - hard to beat that.

And if you want to see more rock and roll photographs without even leaving the house, Time magazine has some they posted Nov. 27th at Light Box in celebration of what would have been Jimi's 70th.

This is final exam week at the college. I finish this week and I've got my first semester as an adjunct faculty under my belt. Then I get a month off. That's nothing but sweet. I don't have much planned for the time off other than working on the projects and some things around the shack. Haven't had much new progress to post lately but that's OK. It'll happen. I did get some cleaning/organizing done in the shop. It won't be too much longer and I'll have things where I want them. I did make it in to Harbor Freight to pick up a couple of things the other day. You can tell I'm getting old, though. There's a Hooter's right next to the Harbor Freight and even though I've been to Harbor Freight dozens of times, I've never set foot in the Hooters. Apparently the attraction of cheap tools is just too powerful for me. Kind of like kryptonite.

Rock on!

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