Monday, March 18, 2013

Break's Over

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Spring Break is over and I didn't get dooky done in the shop. However, I did manage to take care of the kitchen project - patched the drywall, got everything painted and got the new ceiling fan installed. Plus I got a couple of loads of gravel delivered and smoothed out in the lane. Did a little general clean-up/fix-up and when I went out for breakfast Saturday morning, we talked a little about going back to Europe (That's Paris in the photo, BTW). So even though I didn't get anything done on the motorcycle front, not a bad week just the same.

I've still got some more painting to do inside the shack. I'll have the Missus decide which room she wants done next and have her pick up the paint. The daytime temps are still just barely above freezing around here - might as well get some more done inside. This week it's get the taxes done. That's always good for bumping up the stress level. Every time I see what their share of my income is and what they piss it away on, I find it more than a little unsettling. I'll just let that go right there.

Made it through St. Patrick's Day without any corned beef, cabbage or new potatoes. The Missus did make up some recipe with apples and cabbage served over the top of mashed potatoes the other day, though. I think she threw a little bacon in hers. Pretty good stuff. I picked up a vegan cookbook from the library the other day. It's got some good recipes in it but I've still got a lot to learn about cooking in general. About the only cooking I did in the past was while camping. I was pretty good at that but I definitely need to expand my repertoire. I'll need to figure out how to work the oven controls before I can do any baking. About the last time I baked anything the oven had a pilot light and just a graduated gas valve. No digital anything. In fact, I remember lighting the broiler with a match if you wanted to cook a steak. Nice thing about the old stoves, they still worked when the power went out.

Golden Gloves starts this week. We've got four guys going down for the first session and two lined up for next week. I won't be able to make it due to teaching commitments but I'll be rooting for them.

You all have a good week. I'm heading off to work so I can put a little something away for that trip to Europe.

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