Monday, March 4, 2013

Kitchen Chores

Photo From Here
Don't know where this is, but it looks like a place where I could winter over. Maybe a little fridge and a hot plate back in a corner someplace. Maybe walk down to a little cafe for some fresh air and a bit of conversation occasionally but otherwise just read and read and read.

Instead of climbing all over the stacks looking for a good read, I spent the weekend climbing up and down the ladder painting the kitchen. Normally one would paint the ceiling first but the Missus was thinking maybe paint the ceiling the same color as the walls but wasn't sure how dark it was going to be. I'm thinking it needs to be white, but to be honest, if it's done I'll be happy regardless of the color. It's hard to tell from the photo but there's a ledge over the top of the cabinets that normally hold a bunch of her antiques. She had a piece of rope light to run the length of the ledge to accent/backlight her treasures, so I got that put up as well. I've got a little drywall touch-up to do on another wall, paint the ceiling and install a new ceiling fan but I made a pretty good dent in it. As soon as she decides about the paint and the fan, I'll finish it up. Ball's in her court now.

Giving mid-terms this week at the college. I've got every thing ready to go already, so it should be a pretty easy week. I'll have to grade some papers but not near the quantity I used to do at the high school. Hopefully it'll start to warm up soon. We've had more winter weather the last week or so than most of the rest of the season. I'll be out in the shop soon enough working on the 900. I've got Spring Break next week. Should be able to get a whole bunch of something done then.

Just ran the Preview to scope out things out before posting and some stuff came up highlighted for advertisements. Don't know if it'll show up in the post, but if it does, you can believe I had nothing to do with it. You can also believe it'll probably be next to impossible for me to figure out how to get rid of it. I hate to bitch about something that costs me nothing but the world does not need more advertising. 

Have a good week.

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