Saturday, March 30, 2013

Buona Pasqua

Happy Easter. The temperature was finally up into the 50's the last couple of days. The Missus and I have been doing some Spring cleaning in preparation for some company coming in tomorrow and just because it's that time of year. Washed the sheets and hung them on the line, put the snowblower back in the barn, worked on the driveway a little bit, packed up a couple of more things for Goodwill - just doing springtimey things that you don't mind doing because Spring is here with all of it's hope and renewal and it's good to be able to walk out of the house without having to bundle up or put on boots because of sloppy, wet snow.

And going along with that, here's a shot of a couple of guys at the college working on my tomato stakes. The school offers a fabricating class, so the instructor said bring the material in and he'd have his people knock them out for me. I also picked up some more supplies for the Square Foot Garden the other day as well. I still need some vermiculite and compost, but other than that, I'm about ready for planting. Still about a month to go before anything gets put in the ground but I want to start some seeds this weekend. The weatherman is still forecasting night time temps below freezing for next week but I'm looking forward to the garden project.

Enjoy your Easter dinner, and hopefully, your time spent with family and friends. Remember what the day is all about and go easy on the chocolate bunnies.

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