Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Break

Photo From Here
According to the caption where I found the picture, this cottage is in Devon, England. Just so happens my paternal grandmother's people came from there. They came to the United States in 1848. They buried an infant child in New York City and then moved west, settling a little north of Morris, Illinois. Grandma was born 50 years later, not too far from where I currently reside. I spent a lot of time tracking down the family history several years ago. Cuzzin Ricky and I took a little road trip over that way and located a few of the graves of the dead ancestors. Don't know why, but it seems good to have a sense of your history. 

On Spring Break this week. Going to be working around the shack a little, try and get a little something done on the 900 also. We've got a fundraiser for the Golden Gloves tonight at the gym, I'll be celebrating my anniversary this week and if it stops raining, I want to get a couple of things done outside. Typical vacation schedule for me if I stick around rather than going somewhere. That's OK, though. Get a few things done now and it'll pay off later when the weather's nice.

Have a good week.

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