Saturday, March 16, 2013


It's with more than a little irony that I post the photo of the peach pie. On the same day I write a post about kids going hungry, it just happens to be National Pie Day. After I finished painting in the kitchen, the Missus made this lovely thing. I need to go easy on it, however. Lots of butter in the crust. One of the worst things about going vegan - no pie crust or pork chops. And to make it even worse, I'm going out for breakfast this morning. Kids are going hungry while I'm going to the AYCE breakfast buffet. 

On a happier note, though pie does make me happy, my new gloves came yesterday. Prior to my retirement, I used to get all my welding gear from the welding supply outfit that serviced the high school. Since I no longer have that option, I decided to give the Caiman gloves a try. I bought a pair of their Revolution welding gloves, a pair of TIG gloves and a pair of winter multi-activity gloves. Those were on sale - looks like they'll be nice for riding the bike, snow shoveling, plowing the drive, etc. All three pair look very well made. Caiman also sells welding jackets, sleeves, aprons, as well as a big variety of gloves at reasonable prices. They shipped them out UPS the same day I ordered them and included a catalog of their gloves/welding items. 

Enjoy the weekend.

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