Monday, November 24, 2014

Decisions, Decisions

I've been thinking about the BSA lately. I don't have a lot of work left on the Sportster, so I've been trying to prioritize the bike projects. The 900 has the back wheel off, and I bought some new fork legs so I could put dual discs on the front. I should at least do what it takes to get the wheels back under it so I can roll it around. The BSA doesn't require near the work, just a small pile of money. Since I've only got a few more weeks to work this semester, maybe buy a couple of things for it and then work on the finishing the Sportster and doing all the labor intensive stuff on the 900 while I'm off from the college between semesters while I have no paycheck coming in. That way I'll be getting things done and I can get the rest of the parts when I go back to work next semester. Wouldn't take long to finish the BSA if I had all the parts in house. I'll see how the tool-n-toy budget is looking and decide how much I can get away with but with Christmas coming and a few other things, I'll probably be looking at more time than money. Not a bad thing, though. As long as I stay busy it'll be all good.

Speaking of which, I helped set up for the boxing fundraiser Saturday morning and then I refereed the show Saturday night. Out of curiosity, I wore my pedometer while in the ring and put in close to three miles while never traveling farther than 20 feet from my starting point, for whatever that's worth.

You may remember seeing this photo a couple of posts back. This is "Bazooka Joe" at one of the previous fundraisers. He fought again Saturday night and I had to stop the fight in the second round after he whacked his opponent with a big right hand. Also, I neglected to credit Surly with the photo when I posted it previously. Oops. 

Since it warmed up a bit over the weekend I was able to finish bead blasting the brake drum for the Sportster. I had a little water come through the line but at least it wasn't freezing up like last weekend. Looks like I need to install a dryer next to the bead blaster. Like the federal government, I'm a little behind on some infrastructure work. 

However, the drum looks pretty good all blasted clean. I'll get some paint on it today. Also did an aluminum welding job for one of the students at the college. 

I'm pretty selective any more about taking any outside work but not only is he one of my students, he's also a shop teacher. He hasn't been teaching too long - big career change from engineering to teaching. He's learning to weld but hasn't got to TIG yet. The job didn't take long since I've now got my welder in order. He said he'd take care of any clean up so there's another one off the short list.

Have a good week.

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