Friday, November 7, 2014

Equipment Wish List

Surly and I were e-mailing back and forth a bit and I mentioned I need/want a couple more pieces of equipment, specifically a sheet metal brake and a drill press for woodworking. The Boss 16 box and pan brake would be just the ticket for anything I would ever do, sheet metal wise. 48" wide and 16 gauge capacity. Plenty big enough to finish the tin work on the VW and the old Plymouth coupe that's been sitting around here for decades. Woodward Fab and Dagger Tools both carry the brake for $1200.00 plus shipping. Be a nice addition to any cycle or hot rod shop, or more specifically, my shop.

Grizzly radial arm drill press - just the thing for a wood butcher like myself. With the radial arm feature the head can be rotated and extended out to a 17" swing. Price is about the same as the set of tires I priced the other day for the little clown car. As I told Surly, if I was going to stay home I'd just order the drill press. However, in addition to the new skins for the car, the masons are currently at work on the fireplace chimney and I'm pretty sure they're going to want to get paid. For what that's costing me I could have bought both pieces of equipment and had money left over. Not a big deal. It's only money and the college will give me more. Unfortunately, just not all at once. And that's why I have to buy tires. Always somethin' now, ain't it?


tvi said...

Hi Bob, as strange as it sounds i still think i need tools! I'm not retired yet, but I still dream of more tools. I suspect that comes from making do all these years.

Talk to you soon,


Shop Teacher Bob said...

Those two items were just a couple on the short list. I'd like to have a planer also if I'm going to do woodworking and a bigger drill press for metal working would be nice. More tools means you need more room and more room means more area to heat, so neither one of us will ever have everything we want. Nice to dream, though.