Monday, November 3, 2014

Wooden Boat

Photo From Here

I should be putting a little time in on mine - at least get a couple of boards glued up before it gets too cold. I haven't hit a lick on the thing since I quit the high school. That's getting to be quite a bit of elapsed time, even by my standards. Mine is a flat bottom skiff unlike the one in the photo. If I wasn't farting around with the Sportster and 100 other things, I could get it knocked out fairly quickly. I need to modify the cheapie clamps I bought first, however. I'll get there one of these days.

It was cold Saturday night around here. I'm guessing it got down to about 24 - 25 degrees. The chicken water had a nice layer of ice on it Sunday morning but the sun warmed things up nicely as the day progressed. I had a list of chores to tackle around the shack but also wanted to hit a couple of licks on the Sportster. I got everything done but that.

I took the clutch cover off so I could finally get the cable adjusted with the new lever but ran into a snag right away. The doohickey that goes into the clutch lever to hold the cable is too small for the hole in the lever. It wobbled around in the old lever as well but I just figured the lever was worn out. The hole in the lever holding it on to the perch certainly was. Actually, I think there might be a couple of nylon bushings that are supposed to be in the hole to take up the slack and reduce the friction when pulling in the clutch. Anyway, I'll see if I can make it over to the dealer today and pick up a new doohickey or bushings or whatever it takes to make it right and get back on that project. I still need to pull off the back wheel and beadblast the backing plate and check the brakes - should be able to get that done this week. Hopefully that won't require any more parts.

Have a good week.

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