Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Indy War Memorial

Photo From Here

Photo From Here
I've been to many of the Civil War battle sites, and the many statues commemorating the soldiers and their sacrifices are really amazing. I've been to Arlington National Cemetery. Cuzzin Ricky and I visited the WW II Museum in New Orleans when we went down there on our train ride a few years back. It too is quite the place, but as far as I'm concerned, nothing compares to the War Memorial in Indianapolis. Not quite sure what it is about the place but it touches me deeply. The memorial building is an absolute stunner - the corner stone was laid by General Pershing. It's one of those buildings that you know there will never be another one like it. Sort of the building to end all buildings to remember those who served in the war to end all wars.

On the other end of the campus is the national headquarters of the American Legion. Another beautiful building which just happens to be across the street from the Tyndall Armory, host site of the Indiana Golden Gloves, a place I've been more times than I can remember. The armory is named after Major General Robert Tyndall, a highly decorated WW I veteran and, later, mayor of Indianapolis.

If you're ever in the Circle City, here in Indiana, do yourself a favor and check out the War Memorial area. It keeps the memory of those who served and the sacrifices they made alive. Today, and everyday, let's remember all of those veterans and their families.    

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