Saturday, November 1, 2014


Went north yesterday morning to do a few things and ran into some snow while driving - wasn't really bad just enough to let you know that winter is just around the corner. However, after I got home it started snowing for real and the wind was gusting a bit as well. Enough in fact to knock the power out for a bit. It turned to rain a little before I took the above photo, so there was a little more snow on the car and the ground prior to that. Apparently winter isn't just around the corner. It's here.

I got the new furnace hooked up out in the shop yesterday after I got home. I just hooked it up to the tank from the grill to see how it works. It works good. I had it on the lowest setting but it raised the temperature from forty-five degrees to fifty degrees in about ten minutes. It's in the back part of the shop and blows into the front like I wanted. Not too loud or too stinky but does make a little static in the new radio. Small price to pay, I suppose. Cleaned and organized a few more things while I was out there. Still got a long way to go with that but crawl before you walk, baby steps - pick your cliche of choice - it's progress all the same. It won't be too much longer and I'll at least have the front part of the building where I want it. I'm about where I was twenty years ago at my other house but no complaints. I make the decisions. 

Enjoy the weekend regardless of the weather.


Tommy Hopkins said...

Sounds like the right type of heater for you and your family. Serves you right, after all you have done to develop your dignity. I hope everything works well for you. All the best!

Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp Cooling and Heating

Harvey Chapman said...

A well-functioning furnace on a chilly winter is totally fabulous! Finding the perfect furnace for your home can be tricky, and you were lucky to find one that suits your needs. I do hope you were able to install the new furnace before the temperature dropped. Have a great day!

Harvey Chapman @ LibertyComfortSystems