Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Interesting few days around here of late.

This is the view looking out the patio doors Saturday afternoon. Temperature about 37 degrees but snowing like hell wouldn't have it. The railroad tracks behind the tree on the left are only about 200 feet away. It would snow sideways to darn near whiteout conditions, clear up and be sunny and then snow again. Interesting day.

Surly came down Saturday to use my mill and bandsaw. He made a couple of parts and I welded a couple of things for him.

Here's a shot of the seat bracket taken from his blog. The shiny piece on top is going to get sawed off. He's got the details.

Cuzzin Ricky and I went to Terre Haute for the Silver Crown opener at the Action Track on Sunday.

Great racing - 100 lap feature. There were only a few yellows, the cars were fast and loud, and there was an exciting finish. The weather was warm and sunny, plus, we had lunch and a piece of pie at the Grand Traverse Pie Company and a cup of Rex coffee at the Clabber Girl Bake Shop and Museum the next morning as we hit the road. Just a down and back trip but time well spent. There's a race in Kokomo this weekend I'd like to go to but it looks like it might be a bit too cold from what I saw on the weather last night. Have to wait and see.

I finished up my second CNC project. Looks pretty sexy for a chunk of aluminum that doesn't do anything. I'm learning some things about part inspection that I didn't know previously. Also, even though I'm a pretty fair hand at reading prints, I've got a lot to learn about geometric dimensioning and tolerances. Looks like I'm in the right place for that, however. 

I took the Missus to the hospital yesterday for a CAT scan. Just a check up thing before she sees the doctor next time. Should be all good.

Next up a new battery in the mower and get back on the projects.


Surly said...

I can help you with GD&T. I have a cert from UWM in that. I've got a five pound book on the subject.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

I've been considering getting my machining certificate. I could test out of a couple of classes but no way I could test out of the print reading without increasing my skills. I'll get one of my prints and you can show me a few things next time we get together.