Friday, April 15, 2016


I passed my NIMS certification test the other day, so I'm now officially certified as a CNC milling machine operator. The test wasn't too difficult. They give you 90 minutes to take it online. It took me about 35 minutes to answer all the questions, even though I wasn't sure about several of the answers. Since I had plenty of time left I went back through all the questions and looked up what I wasn't sure of in the Machinery Handbook you're allowed to take in with you to the testing center and double checked all the rest of the answers. On completion of the class I'll take a similar test for CNC lathe operator. Since I no longer have any need for a resume, I'll be able to list the credentials in my obituary. Make it look like I actually accomplished something during my time on this earth.

I didn't get my exhaust collars machined the other day. We've only got one machine running that part and everyone needs to set the tool length offsets and the work offsets, so it takes a while. I went in early for my lab tech gig to get on the machine during open lab time but the professor was busy helping another student with a lathe project, so I didn't get anything done. I'll get them finished up next week. However, as you can see from the photo above, I did get the header cleaned up and painted. Bottom line, should all look good when it goes together.

I made this extension plate for the bandsaw outfeed in the lab at the college a while back. The idea was that the plate would catch the parts and they wouldn't be dinging up the floor. It worked fine for that but the coolant runs out on it and then on to the floor. I brought it home and cut a couple of grooves in it with a ball end mill to channel the coolant back into the saw. I held the piece at a slight angle thinking it would help channel the coolant towards the hole in the saw base that feeds the pump. We'll see.

Saving the best for last, I took the Missus to the oncologist yesterday. The doc says she's officially in remission. Yippy - skippy! That's a relief.

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Don Baker said...

I appreciate you making the extension for the saw, and the channels you cut in solve the problem of coolant draining onto the floor. Thanks, STBob!