Monday, April 18, 2016

Patriot's Day

Patriot's Day today. The country was founded with a revolution. Might just be another one coming one of these days the way things are going. I read Paul Revere's Ride by David Hackett Fischer a few years back. Excellent book. I need to find another good one about our county's founding. What I should do is sign up for one of the courses offered by Hillsdale College, The Constitution 101 would be a good place to start. It would probably be more productive it the legislators in Washington took the course. Someone needs to remind them about the Tenth Amendment.

I stuck the header back on the bike with one of the new collars. Looks pretty sexy - at least that part does. The scratched up frame and the dirty cylinder head, not so much. I'm likin' it, though.

I made a rack for the Vise-Grips so I can keep them on the welding bench where they'll be handy - should save me a few steps.

It's not the best photo but this is a sample I welded up the other night at work while demonstrating gas welding to one of my students. I chose this particular joint type because it doesn't require any filler metal other than the tacks and it gives me a chance to show off a bit. It's hard to get a good photo with my cheap digital. The weld seam washes out and you can no longer see the ripple pattern. I set the camera to the macro setting to get the bead in focus but it's a lousy photo just the same. 

It's about time I start back on some photography anyway. I plan on shooting some B&W this summer with my twin lens and the 4x5. It's been a couple of years since I've done any darkroom work. I made a couple of albumen prints a few years back. I'd like to try that again as well as wet plate photography. I've got a 4x5 box camera that was designed for glass plate negatives. Might be fun to try using that. 

Since the end of the semester is fast approaching, I'm going to be busy. I've got to schedule another NIMS test for the CNC lathe, I've got a recommendation letter to type up, plates to certify, finals to give and all the rest of that jazz at school, plus chores and projects on the home front. Sure is nice to be able to get outside in the sunshine, however. Even the chores were enjoyable this weekend. Absolutely ideal weather. Spring has definitely sprung.

Have a good week.


Don Baker said...

Love seeing the exhaust collar installed! Thanks for posting.

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Thanks for helping me make them - they're going to look good on the bike.