Friday, April 22, 2016

Silver & Gold

I'm finished with the exhaust collars. I've got two sets now. The finish on the outside of one of them isn't what  it could be but it's salvageable. We ran a long end mill initially due to some clearance concerns and got some chatter. After a little tweaking, the program spits out good looking parts now. We're finishing out the class with CNC lathe work. Won't be making any more motorcycle parts but I'm learning new skills, which is always a good thing.

Went to the Golden Gloves in Indy last night. There were four guys scheduled to fight, unfortunately, two of them had to square off against each other in the championship round - probably one of the best fights of the night, however. One of the fighters opponent didn't show, so he got a walk-over. He fights next week for the championship. Since he's in the Open division, if he wins he'll go to the Nationals in Salt Lake City in a few weeks. I watched the guy he'll be fighting and I think he has a real good chance of beating him. The last of our fighters lost a tough decision. He was coming on strong at the end but it wasn't quite enough to take it.

I haven't been too involved with the gym due to my wife's illness and my school/work schedule but since Jimmy was going to need some help working a corner, figured it wouldn't hurt me any to go down. I had a good time and I enjoy coaching and working out at the gym but I'm starting to find myself doing too much again. I need to remember the lessons from cardiac rehab about stress and get back into a steady rhythm of work/projects/play/relaxation. Should be a lot easier now that the Missus is doing better and with the lighter schedule I'll have at the school for the summer. You wouldn't think it would be that hard to just relax.

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