Sunday, April 10, 2016

Livin' The Dream

Photo From Here

Here's a bit of inspiration for me. That's one trick pony right there - the high dollar version of what I'm trying to put together. I really need to get back to work on mine. 

I don't have anything exciting to post about but I've been keeping busy. I did a little welding job for my buddy the specialist on the Ducati singles. I got the battery in the mower and cut the grass after it had warmed up enough to melt most of the snow off Saturday afternoon. I don't remember ever cutting the grass when it was that cold out but the weather is supposed to be crappy for the next few days with rain and temperatures below average. I only mowed the front, hopefully I'll be able to get to the back before it gets away from me. I still need to do some prep work on the garden also. This crazy weather isn't doing me any favors at all.

I've been doing some studying for my NIMS certification I'm scheduled for this week. I should be OK. I've kept up with my assignments but I'll do some more studying before the test just to be on the safe side. There aren't any CNC classes scheduled for the summer. I'm going to check what else is available and maybe work something else in. I'll be teaching two days a week. I might consider a CAD class if I could get one on the same days I'm teaching. I've been going in five days a week and I don't want to do that over the summer or maybe ever again. 

I got the paperwork for renewing my CWI in the mail last week so I need to get started on that. They require a passport type photo now - must mean there'll be a photo ID on the new card. There's also the required eye exam and paperwork requiring a notary. All that, plus the check of course. I've got quite a bit of time to get it done, but if you don't get it done on time you basically have to start over from scratch. No way I'm going through that.

Hope to have a set of exhaust collars by the next post.

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