Saturday, January 14, 2017


Photo From Here

Great photo of Katherine Hepburn. Now that the cold weather is here and it gets dark early, I should mix up some fresh chemicals and make a few B&W prints. I haven't done any photography work in quite a while. I should see what I've got for film and maybe shoot a couple of rolls of medium format and maybe a few shots with the 4x5 as well. Of course getting out would somewhat be weather dependent and around here that could be just about anything. 

Last weekend the daytime temperatures were in the teens. Wednesday the Missus and I had dentist appointments that had us driving through fog on the way in, and a serious thunderstorm on the way home with temperatures increasing from high 30's through out the day until they hit 55 at 8:30 that evening.. I had gone out into the shop earlier in the day and worked a bit until I ran out of propane for the furnace. I loaded up the tank and took it over to get it refilled. It's a fairly large tank - about 42" tall and 16" in diameter. I dropped it off outside by where the route driver fills his truck. I went back yesterday to pick it up and the tank was frozen to the ground. I borrowed a hammer from the guys there, thinking I could tap around the base and break it free. No go. One of the mechanics got a strap, wrapped it around the tank and gave it a jerk with his pickup to break it free. They're forecasting temps in the mid to high fifties next weekend, so I'm planning on getting out and doing a little ice skating this weekend. Crazy weather, even for around here.

I start back to school next week. Not really looking forward to working after having a month off but I'm sure I'll be fine once I get back into the routine again. I got caught up on a lot of little things while I was off and even though I've got a project list that's still a mile long, mostly it's just my stuff and not the honey-do things. I'll get started on an exercise routine, set aside a couple hours every day for project work and then just keep on keepin' on. You all do the same.

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