Monday, January 2, 2017

Roll Hoop

Finished up the roll bar for the VW - at least the hoop that goes behind the seat. I've got a tube bent to wrap around the top, front of the car already but I'm not sure I'm going to go that route. If I put that tube in I'll need a couple of other tubes that run from it down to the floor along the windshield post to tie everything together. Things are pretty cramped up front already. I might just go with a couple of tubes running to the back. That'll give me a four point system, which is four more than are in most cars. It's not going to be a race car - just a fun little parts chaser and a technical exercise.

The bottom photo is a detail of the wraparound bracket for the tube with the seat belt clips. If you look close you can see the clips tacked on in the top photo. The bolts will be replaced with a couple of quick release pins.

Off to a decent start for 2017. Barring an accident or a health issue around here, looking forward to getting quite a few things finished this year. And if not finished, at least having some fun working on things. 

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