Friday, January 6, 2017

Sidecar Fairing

Photo From Here
Oh, hell yes! Tell me that doesn't look like fun.

Full Fairing from Air-Tech that would fit the 900. Price is close to $400.00. I don't think that includes the windscreen, so add another $100.00 minimum, plus shipping and you're looking at close to $600.00 to the door. If I tackle making my own, material and shipping would be half that. Of course I would have to factor in about six months worth of labor the way I work. I could use the practice, though.

Photo From Here
I always liked the look of the Rickman bikes. Something similar to this fairing would be cool - kind of a 3/4 fairing. This would be within the limits of my talents, I would think.

I'll keep working while I'm cogitating.

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