Tuesday, January 24, 2017

One Step Closer

We had a tremendous day around here on Saturday - sunny and 60 degrees. Not at all like what a normal January day would be. I went to the gym in the morning, came home and tackled a few little things outside and then threw the big doors open in the shop and worked a little bit on the sidecar project. 

I needed to fill in a small spot on the floor and fasten down the front of the fender. Fortunately, I found a piece of diamond plate big enough to do the job without having to order in a piece. After cutting it to fit, I bent up a piece of 3/16" aluminum flat bar to match the contour of the fender, drilled and countersunk a couple of holes for the Dzus fasteners, and then welded it on to the floor plate. Punched and dimpled the fender for the Dzus fasteners and I was set. The fasteners have the "wings" on them to be able to turn them without tools but those are only temporary. When I get everything ready for final assembly, I'll swap them out for ones with screwdriver slots.

Next up is to make the fender skirt for the inside of the wheel. I'm thinking about making another hand grip on the outside. I should do that, if I'm going to, before I close the wheel opening on the outside. It's not supposed to be brutally cold or anything this week. Maybe I can get the inner skirt done in the next few days.

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