Friday, May 26, 2017

50 Mile Challenge

Looking for a workout? Howza 'bout walking 50 miles in under 20 hours? Saw this interesting item at The Art Of Manliness about Teddy Roosevelt challenging Army officers to walk 50 miles and later JFK picked up on the theme and brought the challenge back again. I remember lots of people taking Kennedy up on the challenge. Maybe it's time to bring it back again. The Art of Manliness is going to do some kind of Strenuous Life thing, of which the 50 mile walk will be part of. They apparently haven't fleshed all the details out yet about what's what with their Strenuous Life, but it looks to me it will somehow be a take-off from Roosevelt's idea that every man should be physically fit and not always take the easy way out.

If you follow the link back, you can get a better idea of what Roosevelt and Kennedy had in mind and their rationale behind it. Might be a worthwhile goal. It'd be nice to see some of the young adults getting out there and doing something. Walking the 50 miles would be tough enough but probably harder still while trying to look at the screen on your phone while doing it. Of course the phone would be handy to order carry-out along the way.

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