Sunday, May 7, 2017

Throw The Jab, Baby!

I must have heard "Throw the jab!" at least a thousand times this past week. Always good advice, of course.

Quite the trip. We left a week ago Saturday mid-afternoon for Louisiana and the National Golden Gloves tournament. Lightly raining in Indiana when we left, hit Illinois and the rain intensity went up and down. Rained hard while in Missouri - gully washer hard in fact. We stopped for the night and the storm woke me up. I looked outside and it looked like a hurricane. Wind howling and the rain coming down in sheets. The power went out in the hotel while we were eating breakfast, so we had to finish in the dark. Rain continued to plague us as we journeyed south. I-55 was one lane in Mississippi about 40 miles north of Jackson due to downed trees across the road. I didn't hear for sure but I'm guessing it was a tornado that might not have have touched down that caused it. The weather finally cleared up about the time we hit Lafayette, however.

The trip back was pretty much uneventful - just long. I drove straight thru with only a bit of rain. Mostly it was beautiful sunny weather with temps in the 70's. We left at 8:00 Saturday morning and got home at 2:00 this morning. Over 1000 miles. We took a different route coming home to avoid the flooding along the Mississippi River even though it was longer. I don't know if that was necessary but for everyone's peace of mind, seemed prudent. Couldn't avoid the road construction but at least I didn't have to try and navigate through construction zones in monsoon rains in the dark - just construction zones in the dark. I'm beginning to think there is never a time I-65 is not being worked on. However, we made it home safe and sound. That's what counts.

I'll fill you in on the boxing next post. I've got laundry to do and grass to mow.

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