Wednesday, May 24, 2017


A former student of mine sent me info on the Janus brand of motorcycles. Like with so many things, I wasn't aware of them but they're offering two models of 229cc bikes and they're made in Goshen, Indiana, which is only a hop, skip and a jump from the shack here.

That's the Halcyon model pictured. Pretty cool little bike. The Janus folks are offering ride days, which if you buy a ticket will give you a shop tour, test ride and who knows what else. A ticket is $25.00. I've been wanting to get over that way and check out the Studebaker Museum anyway. Looks like a good way to squeeze in a two-fer.

Thanks for the tip, Tim.

As I'm sure all you motorcyclists out there have heard, Nicky Hayden succumbed to his injuries from the accident he was involved in. RIP "Kentucky Kid".


Traveling Pirate said...

Were you able to check out the Studebaker Museum?

Shop Teacher Bob said...

Decided to save that for another day. We're going to be watching the grandkids for a week. Might take them one of the days. Or I might just get up one morning and decide that's the day and take off.