Saturday, May 20, 2017

More Things

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I don't need anymore rolling stock around here but I'd love to have one of these. I'm hoping the new Jeep truck will be something I can love - 2 door, 4 wheel drive, suitable for a plow and pulling a trailer, and reasonably priced. I wanted to get a new truck before I retired but since I won't be driving much after December and the truck won't lose much more in value being 14 years old already, I can wait another year, I suppose. However, if all they offer is a 4 door or some kind of extended cab, I won't be happy. I'm not at all in favor of a truck that has a cab longer than the bed but that seems to be most of what you see on the road these days. 

The weather went from 90 degrees and sunny to 50 degrees and rainy with a few more rainy days on tap for this upcoming week. Kind of limits outdoor activity but it's time for me to get back in the shop and start doing something constructive anyway. Getting back to work on the sidecar and the VW would be a good thing. I have been picking off some of the easy things on the list. 

Of course if I sit on my ass and watch motorcycle racing I won't get much done. I tuned in to the Sacramento Mile flat track race on FansChoice TV last night. It came on at 8:00 PM local and the main event finished up a little before midnight. Indian once again filled the top three spots with Smith winning for the seventh time in a row. As a bonus they had the Robert's TZ750 out on the track before the race. I got a chance to see that thing run a couple of years ago in Indy. That's worth the price of a ticket. Also, they mentioned that Nicky Hayden has been involved in some type of accident and is in a bad way. They didn't give any particulars so I'll have to look into that later today. It's bed time now.

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