Friday, August 8, 2008

Barn Demolition

Started tearing the barn down on Thursday. The big dumpster showed up about 1:30 and I was ready for a break about 2:30. Nothing like starting a big project in the heat of the day. Went back out in the evening and hit it again until the skeeters started to chew on me. I've got the dumpster for a week, so as long as I get all the shingles skinned off, I'll be OK. I've got some people interested in some of the siding, so I'll save most of the good stuff and they can pick through it. I start school next week, so I'll spend the last few days of vacation doing what I should have done a year ago.

The Honda's on hold. I started it up again and I think it's more than a carb adjustment. I'm thinking it's an exhaust valve. That's really going to be a pain. I might try to talk a buddy of mine into helping with this one. I've done a ton of welding for the guy. Always the tricky kind of stuff, too. Maybe just sweet talk him into working it over and calling me when it's done. He's a damn fine mechanic and if I'm not going to be able to ride for awhile, just let him take his own sweet time. I'll do a compression check before I jump off the bridge.

I'm thinking of dragging the old 900 Kaw out and starting on that one. I know it needs a valve job but I've got a good set of 1000 cylinders and pistons, plus I think I've got a gasket set already. It was set up for a sidecar and I'd like to make another one. Like I need another project. I'll mull over the options while I'm taking my barn demo breaks.

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