Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cargo Bike

I received a sale flyer from webcyclery the other day and it had the Big Dummy frame by Surly. The bicycle can carry up to 400 pounds, rider + cargo. It has a long wheelbase and is designed to use XtraCycle accessories. It's made for 26" tires, has clearance for fenders and you can put up to four bottle cages on it. The frame and fork lists for $1050.00 in the flyer. For a finished bike with some groovy accessories, you'd probably be looking at twice that figure but you could ride this baby to the local store or across country and carry everything you need including the kitchen sink. For two to three grand you've got it all. Get yourself a front wheel with the dynamo hub and a good headlight to go with it, triple crankset on the front, a good sprung leather saddle and buddy, you wouldn't care how high the gas prices went. Even though I've got a bicycle for every day of the week, I really like the looks of this one. Long distance touring or running errands, doesn't matter. Gravel roads or pavement, doesn't matter. Daylight or dark, doesn't matter.

While writing this up, the wife says I should find some plans to make a three wheel bike. That sounds interesting from a project stand point but I was going to try and keep the project list kinda' short this year. Finish a few projects that have been languishing in the nether reaches of the barn along with a couple I've been tripping over for a few years. But I've never made a three wheeler before. Maybe a little research is in order.

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