Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Minnesota Trip - Part Two

The photos show Hibbing High School Auditorium, the garage at Bob Dylan's boyhood home, Hull Rust Mine, cable hoist at the Soudan Mine, and the view out the lighthouse window at Two Harbors.

The first part of our trip took us from St. Paul, Minnesota to Ely with stops at Duluth and Two Harbors. Lake Superior is in fact, superior. It's the largest freshwater lake and is over 1000 feet deep in places. We later visited Hibbing and went to the high school and the boyhood home of Bob Dylan. We ate lunch at Zimmy's, a Dylan themed restaurant. Nothing to do with iron ore but when in Rome...

Hibbing High School is an incredible building. It was built with funds from the taxes the iron mines had to pay on the amount of deposits in the ground. The school still has shop classes and the Blue Jackets play hockey. They definitely get a thumbs up from me. One of our guides for this part of the tour teaches at the high school, so we got a good look at the inside of the school, plus a short walking tour of the town. Good stuff.

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